Deer Creek Homes in TN understands it takes a special expertise to create the harmony between the past and the present of your home and restore worn and torn features to their original grandeur and beauty. Custom Refinements can bring the original craftsmanship of your home back to life.

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  • Whole House Renovations / Restorations
    Whole-house renovations often occur when one decides to remain in their neighborhood because of lot size, schools, or when one's home would easily adapt to expansion when families grow. Whole-house renovations generally involve every aspect of the home and include foundation changes, roofline changes, reconfiguring existing space as well as adding new space. Oftentimes doubling the size of the home is common. This type of project is a major financial investment as well as a time commitment. Our design and construction services combine to make whole-house renovation a seamless process to bring you a new home. 

    For an example of a whole-house renovation, please visit our property at 211 3rd Avenue in downtown Franklin, or view these pictures. This is an historic home that we totally refurbished to bring 21st century amenities and finishes into, while still retaining the warmth and ambiance of a mid-century home with timeless beauty.

  • Home Additions
    “Additions” is a catch all word for a lot of different types of projects. An addition can be an expansion of your kitchen off the back of your house, adding on a new family room, or as simple as a new garage. It can also be a two-story addition with a new family room on the main floor and a new master suite above it. Home Additions will require redrawing of house plans, approvals and permits—and Deer Creek has the in-house staff and expertise to handle all these with the least amount of muss and fuss on your part. We have strong relationships with both Franklin City and Williamson County departments of infrastructure forged over our 16 years’ working with them. Deer Creek will see that your job is proficient as well as professional.

  • Attic Conversions
    Should I go up or out and what is the difference? What do I need to know about building permits, floor loads, insulation, and what Codes requires for stairwell sizes, door sizes, light, and ventilation? Deer Creek Homes already knows those answers and more to help you through what might feel like an overwhelming process to get you to a beautiful new living space.

    Needing more bedrooms and bathrooms are typical needs for renovating an attic, leaving the main floor to be reconfigured for different uses such as an office space, master on the main, or just expanding the family room. Going up to the attic space typically can cost more than pushing out the back. It can impact the existing roofline, and typically requires a new set of stairs to land on the main floor, especially if there are not permanent stairs in place. The new stairs usually set in motion reconfiguring some of the main floor as well. Blending this new space to work well with the overall current design of the house is typically the most challenging to make it work well and blend. There are several ways to achieve this seamless look and will depend on the style of the home as well as how much square footage is being added. Oftentimes the roofline itself dictates some of the wall angles and overhangs giving character to living space. Deer Creek Construction, Inc. has an on-staff designer and draftsman to make the restructuring of the house and the redrawing of plans a part of the package, saving you money. Our reputation for high quality work assures you of a renovation you will love for years to come.

    Do you know the New 3 R's? CLICK HERE!

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